Colton visited us yesterday

This blogging stuff is tough.   I don’t know how adults do this everyday (and sometimes multiple times per day).  With my schedule, I find it hard to post a new blog entry more than once or twice a week.    Between going to bed a 7:30 PM, taking a few naps every day, eating (this is a big one for me, don’t want to miss eating just to blog) and terrorizing the dog, I barely have any time left over at the end of the day.   So my apologies for not doing this more often.   In fact, I still plan on telling you about my flight home from Niagara Falls last week.

However, today we have big things to blog about.   Colton, my baby cousin, stayed at our house yesterday (Sunday) most of the afternoon.   I tried playing with him, you know just to keep him entertained, but for some reason all of the adults seem to get very concerned when I can finally figure our how to get hold of him.   I have to tell you, he  is cute (not as cute as me of course) and I can’t wait until he’s old enough so we can play together.   That will be great fun.

We did have the opportunity to snap a few photographs of Colton while he was visiting (Grandpa helped a little with the photos).   Here’s the one I like the best.


That’s it for tonight, I have Teddy Grahams waiting


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