Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well, I’m in Niagara Falls with my Great Grandparents.   My first night went pretty well I think.   I wasn’t scared of any of the new faces ( or faces I hadn’t seen in 5 months) so that was good.   I let everyone hug me with minimal fuse.  I also go to sleep in a real bed last night  and not a crib.  Papa’s parents couldn’t borrow a crib for this visit so I slept in a big bed with my Mom.   I was pretty tired after the plane ride so everything sleep wise went pretty well.

I did develop a cough that is getting really bad now.   I can tell Papa is concerned when I start to cough.

Big news today was lunch.   Papa went to a place called the Como Restaurant and bought us all lots of Italian food.   I had my very first meatball and managed to finish the whole thing.  I even ate a Gnocchi, what ever that is.   I can’t say it, don’t know what it was, but it certainly tasted good.

The rest of the day was for play, naps, and visiting the Great Grandparents.   We aren’t supposed to get the real company until tomorrow.  Everyone will want to come see me I’m sure.

I did discover live green plants today.  My Great Grandma has them everywhere.   I think they’re fun to touch because they fell like nothing I have ever touched before.  However, every time I start to play with one, everyone gets all upset.   I just don’t understand adults sometime.

BTW, did I tell you it’s 18 degrees here and snowing.  I didn’t seem that cold to me.  Of course, Mom dressed my a ton of clothing; a huge heavy coat and big furry hat.   I could bearly move it all that stuff.

Well, that’s it for tonight.   The day went fast and I need to get to bed

Goodnight all


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