Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What a day.  I took my third plane ride today.   We (Mom, Grandma, and Papa) flew to Niagara Falls, NY to see my Great Grandparents.  It sounded like a great idea the days prior to our departure.  However, when the actual day arrived, wow…

First off, I started to come down with a cold on Tuesday.   They couldn’t get me into to see a doctor.  However, they did talk to one on the phone.   The doctor felt it would be OK for me to fly because I had a cough and I was not congested.   The doctor gave my Mom some suggestions on how to handle my cough.

Next,they woke me up at 4:15 AM so we could make it to the airport for a 6:30 AM flight.  This is the first time I’ve ever been awakened from a sound sleep.  I’m the one that usually wakes everyone else up.  Plus, I’m not feeling all that well.   Are they ever going to be in for a good time flying today… (smile)

We arrived at the airport, check our luggage and headed for security.   Now, remember, I’m 14 months old.    The security people made my Mom take my shoes off to go through security.  Ever see the size of a shoe on a 14 month old?   Everything else went OK.   They (TSA) had no problems with my medicines and special foods for me for the flight.   Once the four of us cleared the security checkpoint, we headed straight to our departure gate.

We did make one quick stop on the way to the gate to pick up a large bottle of water.  Mom brings my formula in powder form and we mixed it once we get on plane.  This saves us having to bring any liquids through security.

So we get ont the plane and find out seats.  Guess what?  I don’t have one.   For this flight they decided I could fly on Mom’s lap.  Well, I’m a lot bigger (and older) now than I was on my first flight.   Sitting on any one’s lap is not high on my list  of things I like to do.   For the next four hours on our Newark bound flight I would spend most of my time trying to get off of Mom’s lab and talking to all of the other passengers.   I wanted everyone to know I was there.  I just kept moving from Mom’s lab to Grandma’s lap and even on to Papa’s lab.   I nodded off for a few minutes,  but not long enough to qualify as a real nap.

When we arrived a Newark, Papa bought me some scrambled eggs and hash browns for breakfast.  I love scrambled eggs.  Mom bought a bowl of ice cream (something I can’t have because I’m lactose intolerant).  After we finished breakfast, we moved from Terminal C (were we landed) to Terminal A (where we were departing from).  We got to ride a bus between terminals.   The bus people were pretty nice.  One gentleman even helped Papa lift the stroller off of the bus.

We did have one small mishap on our Houston to Newark flight.  We left my blanket on the plane.   We realised what we had done within about 20 minutes of landing.   However, by the time we made it back to the plane, it had already departed for it’s next destination and the gate people said no blanket was found.   They told us to check lost in found in Houston when we get home.  You know we never find it though.  Kind of a shame someone would take a baby’s blanket.

Our next flight from Newark to Buffalo was on an ERJ.  I don’t remember much about this flight.   I fell asleep within minutes of taking off and I didn’t wake back up until the flight attendant announced that we were landing.   I do know that on the smaller planes they had to make sure Mom and I sat in a certain row.   It seems because I was traveling on Mom’s lap, we had to sit in a row with an extra oxygen mask for my use.

In Buffalo, we had to pickup our rental.   Papa got us an SUV with four-wheel drive and a car seat for a toddler.   Once me and the luggage were loaded, it was off to see my Great Grandparents in Niagara Falls.  The ride wasn’t too long even though it was very cold and icing.  These are the coldest temperatures I have ever experienced.  Grandma did have Papa make one stop on our way to pick up some turkey, cheese, and eggs.

When we finally arrived at my Great Grandparent’s house, my cough started getting really bad.  But that didn’t stop me from running around their house non stop until I had to go to bed.  There were lots of new things for me to get into.  It was a ball.   However, I did find one very creep fish that I spent most of the rest of the day staying away from.

Mom finally put me to bed.   I guess I had entertained everyone enough form my first day.    Once in bed, I was up most of the night coughing and I kept Mom up too.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel a little better.

That’s it for now


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