Sunday, Dec 7, 2008

What a day Saturday was… I played the entire day.  I even got away without having to take my 3:00 PM nap… of course, not everything was perfect.  I did figure out how to climb up onto a child’s chair and then stand up.  Unfortunately for me, it was a rocking chair.  How was I supposed to know it would move.  After all, it was my first time standing on a chair.  Needless to say, I crashed and cut my lip.  But being a “big kid”, I only cried for a few minutes and then I was off trying to climb on something else.  I also discovered how easily I can push the kitchen chairs around the room.   I pushed one chair all the way to the dinning room, past the dog bowls.  That’s the entire length of the kitchen.   I also hung out in Papa’s office.  We played a few music videos (KT Tunstall’s Black Horse and the Cherry Tree is one of my favorites; great thumping guitar in the beginning), I played his guitars and bass (actually, some might call it banging on them, but I think it was pure music), and I found a couple of Beanie Babies to carry around.

I also discovered a new game to play with the dog.  The dog likes to lay against the baby gate so if I stretch real high, I can drop my toys over the gate onto the dog.  It’s so much fun watching him jump up every time I do it.  He must like it too because he keeps coming back and laying back down in the same place.   Boy, life is great when you’re one.

Saturday night we all went out to dinner with our car friends.  Not sure what that means because they all drive trucks…  but we have fun so it’s OK with me.   We went to a Chinese buffet.  I talked to the little girl at the table next to ours (made noises at her).  Grandma kept saying I was flirting.  Not sure what that means either, but she accuses me of that every time I’m near a girl.   Dinner was great.  I had two hard boiled eggs (one of my favorites), some kind of fried roll dipped in sugar (that was GREAT but Papa wouldn’t give me a lot of that), fried noodles (I thought they were just little crackers; didn’t know they had their own name), won-tons (I didn’t like them, kind of slimy), some chicken that was way too chewy, and lots of water.  It really made me full and sleepy (remember, I missed my nap on Saturday).

After dinner, the entire group went over to Starbucks.  Very cool place; I got to push more chairs around.  I may have had a little too much fun at Starbucks though.   I kept running into the edge of the tables with my head.   I’m positive that the last time we were there, I fit under those table just fine.   Someone must have shortened all of the tables on me.

Then we were off to home.   It was a noisy ride home.  Although I really like riding in the truck, I had to make lots of noise to keep myself awake.  You know that if you fall asleep you miss all of the good stuff.   We arrived home, with me still barely awake, Mom made me a bottle, and within 10 minutes I was sound asleep.

This morning I was up bright and early.  I had breakfast and Then I got to take Papa to the airport.   He left on Sunday this week so I won’t get to help him in his office today.    But he did talk to me the entire ride over to the airport.  I told him lots of good stuff but I’m never really sure he understands.  He always ask the me the same questions no matter how many times I explain the answer to him.

I did manage to do something that did seem to really get Grandma’s and Papa’s attention.   The other day, I walked backwards.  Of course, I don’t turn my head to see where I’m going, I just walk backwards.  The Grandparents made a big deal out of me doing that.. they didn’t think someone at my age could figure that out and they are sure I’m going to trip and break my neck.  For me though, it’s just fun.  Someone always comes and catches me.

I also learned to “talk” on the phone.   I have a really cool purple phone on my game table that I use.   I learned from Faith (my cousin).   I also get to talk to Mom’s friends on her phone.

Well, that’s it for today.   With Grandpa  (Papa) out of tonw, I’m not sure when I’ll get to post again.  Soon I hope.

Bye for now


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