It’s Saturday, December 6, 2008, and here’s today’s update

Things have been pretty hectic around here since last Wednesday, the last time I posted.   Papa went out of town for a few days.  It’s difficult for me to post very much when he is not around.   However, the intent of today’s post is to bring everyone up to date.   The last few days have been very exciting.

First off, I went to the doctors a few days ago.  Fortunately, it was NOT for a shot again.  I hate getting shots.   This was something I guess you could call a “well baby visit”.  We (Mom, Grandma, Papa and me) are all flying up to Niagara Falls, NY this week to visit my Great Grandparents.  Mom wanted to make sure I was shape to fly.  I did have a bit of an ear problem a while back and she wanted to make sure it was cleared up.  If I have to fly when I don’t feel well, I’ll make sure the entire plane knows.

I recieved a St Louis Cardinals’ winter baseball jacket this week.   Very cool.   With my massive 26 pound size, I look like I’m ready for the big league when I wear it.   And it’s really warm.   Grandma however, is concerned it may not be warm enough for the weather they’re having in Niagara Falls right now.   (BTW, for those of you who don’t know about Niagara in the winter, it is in the snow belt, just slightly East of Buffalo and we all know what kind of weather Buffalo gets!!!!).   So, now she looking for a regular winter jacket for me.  Not an easy task when you live in the Houston area.   Living down here makes it very difficult to dress poperly when you travel.   When I leave Wednesday morning, I have to make sure I’m dress for tempatures that will be 30-40 degress colder.  Weird isn’t it.

Let’s see what else has happened.    I had Kellogg’s Corn Pops (Papa still calls them Sugar Pops) for the first time yesterday.   Very interesting food group.  I enjoyed snacking on the Corn Pops a lot more than some of the Gerber baby snacks…  not that there is anything wrong with the Gerber snacks..  Papa always brings interesting things back with him when he goes to the grocery store.  Along with Sugar Pops, he brought my some sliced roasted chicken (I love chicken) and peaches.   I not crazy about the tecture of the peaches but I love the way they taste.   Grandma’s solution for this problem is something that looks a little like a pacifier but it opens up and you can put food inside of it.    This allows me to suck the juice out of what is in it without have to chew up the food.   It works great for things with wierd tecture like peaches or stuff that’s hard for me chew up, like apples.

While we are the subject of food, Grandma cut out my morning bottle last week and started me on a breakfast of adult people food.  I know get eggs most mornings.   I love eggs.   My favorite way to have them is hard boiled but I like them scrambled also.   On a typical morning I’ll finish two, sometimes two and half eggs all by myself.   And after the eggs comes the peach yogurt.    This stuff has to rank up with one of the worlds greatest food inventions.   I can’t wait to eat all my eggs ( or sometimes waffles or pancakes) so I can get to my yogurt.

I almost forgot… I had my first haircut yesterday.  Papa went for his haircut yesterday and took me with him.   It was really cool.   All of the woman fussed over me (and let me tell you, there is nothing better than being fussed over). and I got to chew on a comb.   Very cool experience.   And now I can see without looking through my hair.  I’m not sure I completely agree with the style they choose for me.   I feel like a look a little like Sir Lancelot with high straight bangs…  but I am told it grows back guickly so maybe next time we can spend a little more time on the look and and less time on trying to finish cutting my hair while I was still happy.

Anthony's first haircut at 14 month old

Anthony's first haircut at 14 month old

Well, I think that’s it for today.   I think I hear someone making lunch in the kitchen.  Being a growing little boy, I don’t want to risk missing out on something good.

BTW, December 6 is a big deal around here today.

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