Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hi everyone.   This blogging stuff is a lot harder than it looks.    It’s pretty difficult coming up with stuff to tell you about.   After all, at 14 months old, there isn’t that much going on that I have any control over.   However, I do have something today.

Last night I kept everyone up.  It was great.  Mom and Grandma were both taking turns unsuccessfully trying to get me to go to sleep.  It seems, based on the conversation Grandma had with Papa this morning, that must have gotten a mosquito bite on the knuckle of my hand on my walk yesterday afternoon.  Actually, it’s more of a ride.  I sit in the stroller and Mom pushes me around the neighborhood.   Well, yesterday the little bug bit me.   I was up all night rubbing my hand on my pajama’s in an attempt at making the itching go away.   I was not very successful.   Mom put up with me waking up every 20 minutes most of the night.  However, she eventually caved in a called Grandma asking her to watch me for a while.   They’re so lucky.  They get to play with me all day and then get to sit up with me all night.   What else could Mom and Grandma ask for.

I don’t see Papa very often in the middle of the night.   Mom actually has to take me downstairs for him to get up and come visit.   However, I get to play with him a lot during the day.   He spends most of the day in his office.   But his office door has glass in it so I can still see him.  And if I can see him, I can call him.   I find if I yell for him long enough and loud enough he will eventually come open the door on let me in.

he claims it’s difficult having me spend too much time in his office during the day because he is always on these things he call “conference calls”.  To me, it seems like the perfect time for him to play with with me.  He usually just sits there listening and reading e-mail anyway.  It;s not like he is actually doing anything more important than playing with me.

Once he does let me in his office, then the real fun begins.  He has lots of stuff for me to touch.   Grandma is constantly telling him his office isn’t baby proof.  That’s a god thing for me.  That means I can crawl into his backpack and pull everything out.   I can also get to his computer mouse (which looks nothing like any mouse I have ever seen) and chew on it.  In fact, anything I can get my hands on, I chew.  I have a few teeth coming in way in the back and chewing on stuff is the best thing for them.

Another cool thing about hanging out in Papa’s office, he has iTunes on his non-work computer and downloads all of my favorite music videos for me.   I love listening to music.   Listening to tunes is Papa’s and mine number one thing to do together.  And even though he is very old, he still plays his music loud.

I had waffles and yogurt again today.   I finished almost two waffles this morning.   That’s pretty good, especially when I’m a growing little boy.

Speaking of growing, I’m heading over to the doctors this afternoon with Mom.  She wants me checked out before I fly to Niagara Falls with her, Grandma, and Papa next week.   That is going to be a blast.   Unlike last time, this time they did NOT get me a ticket so I get to spend the entire flight on Mom’s lap.   It will be very interesting to see how that works out.

I almost forgot to mention that my cousin Faith came over last night.  I get really excited when she comes over.  She’s my favorite older cousin.  She like to hug me.  And when does does, she gets close enough for me to grab hold of her hair.  When I do that, everyone gets excited.  It’s really a lot of fun and no matter how many times I pull her hair, she’s keeps getting close enough for me to get to it.   What a great cousin.

BTW, did you know that I can reach stuff on the counters now.   Things are going to get even more exciting around her very soon.

I need to go.  Time for lunch and then I have to get ready to go to the doctor.   I’ll try to up date you all this afternoon IF he doesn’t upset me too much.


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