It’s been a long day

I know I should be asleep but I’m having trouble tonight.   It’s been a long day, Faith (my 2 1/2 year old cousin) was here most of the afternoon and I missed my nap.    When I don’t nap I don’t eat well and that makes me even more cranky.   I think my Mom’s in for a long night.

The day started out so well.   I had an entire waffle and finished a cartoon of yougert for breakfast.  Papa slept in this morning so I got to crawl all over him in his bed trying to wake him up.   I think he was faking the sleep part to get my attention.   When he did finally get up, Papa put up a new gate to stop me from climbing the stairs.   I discovered a few weeks ago I can climb the stairs quite well.  In fact, I can make it to the top in a matter of minutes.   However, I have no idea how to get down.    I tried to just step off one day but that got everyone really excited.  They all ran over to the steps and grabbed me.   With that gate there, it’s going to be very hard to find out why they were all so excited now.

Papa also downloaded some new music videos for me.   We spent quite a long time watching and listening to the this afternoon.  I love my music.  Papa even lets me play his guitars.

We had a nice day in the Houston area today so Mom took me for a nice long walk in my stroller.   It was cool enough though that I had to wear a jacket and hat outside.  It’ so much fun squirming around when they are trying to put a jacket on me.  When they’re putting my left arm in the sleeve, I get to pull my right out of the other sleeve.   We sometimes get to play this game for quite a long time.

For dinner, we went out for TexMex.   I love going to resturants.   All of the waitresses come over talk to me, hug me and fuss over me.   It’s great being a young guy around all of these older woman.  I heard that some of the waitresses are as old as 18.  I can’t even imagine being that old.

I had small pieces of chicken fajita and totillas shells.  It was quite good.

By the time we got home it was already past my bedtime.  Mom put me to bed as soon as she changed me.  I think not having a real dinner may be one of the reasons I’m still up tonight.

Well, I need to stop now.   I think Mom is falling asleep so I need to scream a little to make sure she’s awake.



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