This will be the last post to this blog

Anthony will be moving to New Zealand next week.    Since I am the only one who updates this blog, Anthony really didn’t write all this stuff himself, and since he is going to be several thousand miles away, it will be impossible to continue telling you about his exploits.

Thank you for following

I will miss keeping this blog up.. it was great fun…



My latest obsession

I have discovered Star Wars.   Did you all about this stuff?   How come no told me any sooner.

My Grandma and Papa are thrilled about it also…  We have been watching “Star Wars: The Clone War” animated series a couple of times a day for the last few weeks.

I have the Star Wars minifigures hidden in every room in our house; they’re everywhere…  Of course, sometimes Papa is not too thrill about that.  Occasionally they get accidentally dropped on the rug and are very difficult to see at night.. especially when you’re walking in your bare feet.   One day, I’ll have to work on that.

I have some Lego Star Wars kits too.  Papa helps me build them.   As Papa puts them together I’m busy either taking them back apart, using the pieces for my own masterpiece, or hiding critical parts.  It can get very exciting when Papa realizes that a critical piece is missing when the model is half way complete.   I always know where the missing pieces are; Papa just hasn’t figured that out yet.

What’s very cool right now (and yes, I talk that way know, not sure who I picked up the work “cool” from) is that McDonald’s is giving away Star Wars stuff in their Happy Meals.   Here’s a picture of me with my lightsaber…  please forgive how Papa looks.. it’s the only picture we had.

Well, that’s it for tonight.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and please stop by again.

I’m back.. for at least a short time

You think your leaving but adults just don’t do that well with time lines.   If Grandpa would have known the move was going to take a while, he would have continue to let me past.

So here I am… Posting this time until I leave.

Another good reason for posting today is I went the dentist this morning.   For some reason no one would let me eat or drink anything before we went, not even a drink of water.  Talk about cruel and unusual.. But digress…

When I arrived at the dentist they put me in a chair and made breath weird stuff that made me giggle a lot.   Then he gave me a shots.  I thought it was going to hurt but I didn’t feel a thing.    He did his thing and when he finished we left.

He had to fix something that had to do with points my back teeth.  He said I keep those back teeth until I’m 11 or 12 years old.  He obviously has never seen me climb Grandma’s cabinets.

All went well until I go home.  I couldn’t get my tongue and lips to wake up.  I even asked Grandma to try, she couldn’t either.  I couldn’t feel them at all.  That made it kind strange while trying to eat my yogurt.  It eventually went away.

After I had a little bit to eat, we met Aunt Lauren, Colten, Faith, and Annabelle at the park and played for a while.   Next thing I know it’s now and I’m writing this.

Well, thanks for stopping by and giving this a read

Hope you continue to visit, at least for as long as Grandpa lets me keep this thing go

Thanks and Bye..

Goodbye; the end of this blog

Yup, this blog is going away.

It seems my Mom is moving up north, way far from Texas, and I, of course, am going with her.

One of my big blogging secrets is that my Papa occasionally helps me out with this blog.   Not being around him will make it difficult if not impossible to continue this blog.

I will miss sharing how I grow up with you all.   Who knows, maybe someday I’ll try this again.  But for now, it must come to an end.

Thank you so much for reading and following this blog.  And thank you especially for all of the nice comments and notes over the last 2  1/2 years.

Yup, I’ve been writing and you all have been reading this blog since November 2008, for more than two and a half years.  And yes, I was only a year old when this old started.   At 3  1/2 years old it comes to an end.

So just like that, this blog is no more

Thanks again for stopping by, it’s been fun


Check out my garden

After Papa arranged for a play area in our backyard, Grandma let me plant some flowers.   She bought me my own gloves, plastic shovel and hoe, and a watering pail.    She even let me help pick out the flowers and a couple of play birds for decorations.

I was very good at the actual planting part.  But I was great a spreading the dirt around.  Do know how far dirt will fly when that little plastic shovel snaps out of the dirt?  You’re right, a very long way.. LOL

Well, that’s all for today

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and please stop by again


It’s been a long day

When you’re almost 4 years old,  life can be pretty hectic.   I need to get an hour before anyone else in the family so I can wander around the house and get into stuff that I know Grandma would never let me touch if she was awake.

Then of course, I need to give Grandma a hard time about what I want for breakfast.  This can sometimes go on for 30-40 minutes.  I usually win.

Today, after doing some shopping, I got to visit Annabelle, my new cousin.  She likes me.

I get to hug and sit on her blanket with her.  She was even trying to talk to me today.  That’s why her tongue is sticking out.

We did a few other things… and by 4 PM I had had and crashed in my chair.

Life is tough… (smile)

Well, thanks for stopping by

and please stop by again


Catching up on my reading and my gaming

I didn’t have school at the church today and Grandpa was working at home.  That can lead to a bad combination.

When Papa is in his office, you can usually find me in his office also.  Today, I was catching up on my reading, looking through the latest Lego catalog that just arrived.   When the magazine gets boring, I can always play Angry Birds on my (Papa’s) iPhone.   He thinks it’s his iPhone but we all know better.  It’s just like his iPad.  He thought that was his for the longest time also.   he learned eventually… (smile)

If work is going well for Papa, he let’s me sit on his lap while he works.  I think he tries to avoid this though.  Whenever I’m on his lap, we also manage to end up doing something completely on planned on his computer.  It’s funny how things like that happen…

Well, I hear someone calling us for dinner.

Thanks for stopping by and please stop by again